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"Will came out and gave me a quote, as well as talk to me about options. I explained what I was looking for and wanted to accomplish with my backyard, and he and his wife listened and gave information to help me make my decision. They performed the service efficiently and cleaned up all the branches as well. After the job was done, they walked me through what was done and made sure I was happy with the job. I would 100% recommend them to anyone needing tree and lawn service."
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Go out on a limb & trust your local arborists.

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Exceptional Tree Services

Our arborists are available remove unhealthy or fallen trees from your property
We keep your yard beautiful with our tree pruning services
Our tree professionals perform land clearing for commercial use

Safe Tree Care & Removal

We care about customers’ safety around hazardous trees
Our tree service cares about the environment and preserving trees is a high priority
We want to keep your landscape looking beautiful

Professional Arborists

Our arborists are certified, highly skilled tree professionals
We have 20+ years of experience in plant health care
Our locally owned tree service is consistently voted #1!

Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service – Serving the Community for Decades!

Our tree service company takes pride in the abundance of trees in our town, and we work hard to ensure that trees are healthy and protected. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a local family business, Hill Clan Tree Services, run by a husband and wife dynamic duo - Will & Christina Hill.

Springfield Tree Trimming & Removal Service has served Springfield, Republic, Nixa, Ozark, Battlefield, and Willard, Missouri, for 20 years. We offer many tree services, including tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, tree planting, tree transplanting, shrub trimming, tree disease treatments, and tree pest control.

Protecting and preserving trees is our top priority; however, if trees pose a problem for clients, our tree removal company has to remove them. To save you, your family, and your valuables from hazardous trees, we offer tree removal services such as tree cutting, limb and branch removal, and fallen tree removal for residential and commercial customers. Do you need one of our highly skilled arborists to inspect your trees? Call today for a free estimate on tree service!

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Make Your Yard Beautiful with Our Unique Tree Services!

We are passionate about tree service in Springfield, MO! We prune, trim, and care for trees and shrubs for residential and commercial customers so that you can have a beautiful landscape. Your plant health care is our top priority.

Tree Removal

As arborists, we're reluctant to get rid of trees. We do our best to preserve trees, protecting them from disease and pests. However, there are times when trees can be hazardous to your property and must be removed. We specialize in tree removal and apply the highest safety standards during the process.

Tree Care

If trees aren’t pruned and trimmed regularly, they can destroy your property or obstruct your view. Also, unhealthy trees could fall on your home during storms. Our specialists inspect trees on residential and commercial properties and provide tree care services. We keep trees healthy!

Land Clearing

Trees are a critical part of the environment, but there comes a time when trees must be removed to build homes or businesses. Our arborists specialize in land clearing services including clearing trees and foliage for building and agricultural use. 

Emergency Tree Removal

You can call on our crew anytime of the day or night. There's someone standing by ready to assist you with your emergency tree removal at a moment's notice. Don't hesitate. Call at the first sign of trouble.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Do you have trees on your property that are deemed hazardous to remove? Then, you definitely need someone with experience to assist you! We can get your dangerous trees out of the way safely and efficiently.


Hanging and dead branches aren't just unsightly to look at. They also pose a huge threat in the event that they fall to the ground. Keep yourself, your family, your pets, and surrounding buildings safe with our quick services.
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Our Tree Service Process - How it Works

Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service have provided tree service in local communities for over 20 years.  One of the things that have made us a top-rated tree service company is our professional process.  Below is how a board-certified master arborist performs our tree service process for customers. 

Step 1


The first thing that our arborists do is schedule an appointment to come out to your residential or commercial property to examine your trees. Our arborists will inspect the bark, the branches, and other parts of the tree.
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Step 2


After we examine your trees in order to assess their tree health. We will check to see if there is a disease present that could jeopardize the trees' structure. We also check for pests such as termites, which are also harmful to the tree's integrity.
Step 3


Once we assess your trees’ health, we determine the best plan for tree service in Springfield, MO. We may recommend trimming and pruning for some of your trees or we may recommend tree removal if the tree is hazardous. All of these recommendations and costs are included in an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tree Service Offerings

Very few realize how important an arborist's work is until a tree falls on their property. This is a dangerous profession, and our highly skilled team tackles some hazardous projects. Here are some frequently asked questions about our work. Be sure to also check out our tree service blog for additional information. 

What do arborists do?

One of the main reasons customers call an arborist is to remove fallen trees from their yard or property. It takes a high level of skill to safely remove trees.  We also provide tree care services such as tree pruning and trimming, planting trees, transplanting trees, and inspecting trees for disease and pests.

How often should I have my trees inspected?

We recommend that every 3-5 years you have the trees on your property inspected. Also, if you have recently experienced bad weather, it is a great idea to have an arborist check your yard for potential hazards that may have arisen from the storm such as trees hit by lightning or hazardous branches.

Removing tree branches looks easy. Should I try to remove overhanging tree limbs and branches myself?

We understand that to an untrained eye, removing tree branches looks easy. Our skilled technicians have been doing this type of work for many years and so they make it look simple. However, tree removal is very dangerous and should be handled by our skilled arborists. You shouldn’t put your family or your property at risk with DIY tree removal projects.

Our Superior Tree Removal Services

We have served the residents and businesses around the region for 20 years. We provide numerous tree care and tree removal services as well as land clearing services. 

Exceptional Tree Cutting

Tree cutting in Springfield isn't about going up in a tree and cutting down random branches. There is a science to cutting a tree to avoid injury or damage to property. Our skilled tree cutters inspect the tree and either remove the tree's troubled parts or remove the entire tree. Certified arborists know the best methods for tree removal; therefore, it's best not to leave this to amateurs. 

Do you need tree cutting services? Contact a certified arborist for your free estimates.
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arborist completing tree cutting service in springfield mo
tree requiring tree root removal sevice on springfield property

The Importance of Tree Root Removal

Tree roots that grow on the surface can become a landscaping nightmare. The roots make it difficult to mow grass, and they can also be a trip hazard. Roots are a critical part of a tree's growth and structure. Therefore, special care has to be taken to avoid ruining the tree when it comes to tree root removal. This is why it is critical that you don't use DIY fixes or solicit an amateur's help when it comes to dealing with this issue.

Our trained experts know the best course of action to take when it comes to tree root removal, and we will address the problem in the safest way. Contact our arborists today to learn more about your options.
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Protect Your Home and Valuables With Limb & Branch Removal

If you have trees on your property that you regularly get trimmed and pruned by our team of professional arborists, you generally don’t have to worry about removing limbs or branches. Regular trimming and pruning helps promote healthy tree growth and improves the growth pattern. However, suppose you have not been getting regular tree care. 

In that case, the chances are that you may need us to remove limbs and branches to protect your home and your other valuables from being damaged by fallen tree debris, especially during a storm. 
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Arborists removing limbs and branches in Springfield, MO
tree stump in the yard of a springfield mo property

Imperative Tree Stump Removal

When a tree is cut down, and the stump remains, this doesn’t mean that the tree is entirely dead.  It could still generate new growth, and this new growth may not be healthy.  Growths on a decaying tree can be harmful.  It could be mold, fungi, or moss that may also destroy other plant life in your yard.  Tree stumps could also be breeding grounds for bugs and other undesirable pests.  Sometimes, tree stump removal is the only answer. 

We recommend that you receive tree services as soon as possible in order to eliminate the possibility of pests getting into your home. 


Signs That You Need Shrub Removal ASAP!

Shrubs can add beauty to your home’s landscaping. However, if the shrub isn’t healthy, it can become an eyesore on your property. Disease and pests can cause the shrubs to look very unhealthy. Even improper amounts of water can cause discoloration with the shrubs, ruining your home’s curb appeal. 

If our arborists have done all that we can to ensure the shrub’s health and nothing seems to bring it back to life, we recommend shrub removal, 
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An arborist removing a shrub - tree service in Springfield, MO
Commercial tree removal service in Springfield, MO

Calling All Business Owners - You Need Commercial Tree Service!

If you're a business owner, you most likely need our commercial tree services. It's essential to keep your landscaping beautiful for your clients to make them feel welcome to the commercial property. We trim trees and shrubs, and we also assess to make sure that the trees on your commercial property are healthy.

You may need our commercial tree services if a tree on your property looks like it will fall. To avoid the liability that a fallen tree may cause for your business, we quickly and safely remove damaged trees from the premises.

If you are a business in or around Springfield that needs commercial tree removal services, we're here to help.


Call for Tree Service - Springfield, MO & Beyond

Springfield is a charming city in the Midwest that has lots of outdoor activities to do. This is why we pride ourselves on taking care of this city’s trees. We have provided tree care, land clearing, tree removal, and emergency tree removal services throughout the area for 20 years. See if our tree removal company is serving your area!

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Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal specializes in residential and tree removal. Contact one of our tree specialists today for a free quote.
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