Signs that Your Property Needs Tree Trimming in Springfield, MO

Published on October 19, 2022

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When was the last time you scheduled tree trimming in Springfield, Missouri? If it’s been a few years, you might consider making that call! Pruning and trimming keeps trees healthy while also protecting surrounding property from damage.

Additionally, a healthy trim can mean added sunlight and fresh air circulation around your property and that tree! Note that a tree care contractor can offer personalized suggestions for your property’s trees and their condition. In the meantime, check out some signs that it’s probably time for tree trimming in Springfield.

tree trimming springfield mo - why is tree trimming important

Broken branches? It’s time for tree trimming in Springfield, MO!

There are many reasons to trim away broken branches from a tree. One, that branch can snap and fall at any time, risking injury or property damage. Two, that damage can indicate a disease or infestation that might spread to the rest of the tree.

Also, consider that broken branches detract from a tree’s overall appearance! They might also be putting pressure on other branches, risking even more breakage. For all these reasons, have broken branches trimmed at the first sign of damage.

Schedule tree trimming if the tree shows too much growth

Tall, thick trees offer lots of shade to the property below and create a stunning appearance on your property. However, too much growth is not a good thing! Overly thick branches might block too much sun on your property. In turn, grass and landscaping might wither and struggle to grow.

Additionally, overly tall trees might block skylights, solar panels, and roof vents below. They can also block your view of the horizon! If you cannot see through a tree’s branches, it’s probably too dense and thick. To avoid these issues, don’t hesitate to trim that tree’s crown and branches as needed.

Trim away branches with cracks in the bark or missing leaves

Cracks along a tree’s bark and spots of missing leaves usually indicate tree disease or infestation. If left untouched, these can spread and affect the rest of the tree. Also, note that diseased and infested branches are often weak and prone to cracking. In turn, they might snap off the tree, often without notice!

In addition to missing leaves, note that discolored leaves can also indicate disease or pests. Additionally, fungi can often affect the appearance of leaves. If you notice any of these issues with a tree, have an arborist check it for needed trimming or removal.

Schedule tree trimming in Springfield for crossing branches growing together

Crossing branches might provide some interesting aesthetics but it’s best to remove them quickly! Those branches can’t thrive and are likely to wither and die, sometimes taking other branches with them. Additionally, they become weak as they wither, which increases the risk of them cracking and falling.

Moreover, it’s vital that you schedule trimming quickly, as these branches get weaker the more they grow. This also increases the likelihood that they’ll snap and fall. An arborist can explain these risks in even greater detail.

arborist trimming a tree to promote health

What happens if you don’t prune a tree?

If you don’t prune a tree, you might risk falling branches. These can land on homes, garages, cars, fences, and anything else below, risking costly damage. Also, a falling branch can mean injury and even death to anyone in the vicinity.

Additionally, consider that not pruning a tree as needed can mean too much weight on one side. This can risk weakening the tree and uneven growth over the years. Moreover, overly thick branches can choke sunlight and fresh air circulation, which trees need to grow! Too much shade can also affect grass and landscaping features, as said.

Lastly, it’s vital that a property owner remove diseased or infested branches or trees themselves. Tree diseases can spread throughout a tree or to other growth. Additionally, pests can make their way to nearby homes or commercial structures. Removing infested branches, trees, and stumps then protects your property from costly damage.

Why tree trimming is important

Tree trimming is important for a few reasons. First, it helps to keep trees healthy by removing dead or diseased branches. Second, it prevents branches from interfering with power lines or other objects. Third, it helps to maintain the overall appearance of a tree. Finally, tree trimming can help to improve the safety of a property by removing any potential hazards. If you require any tree trimming services, please contact your local arborist.

How often should trees be trimmed?

Property owners might have an arborist inspect trees on their lot every few years, checking for needed trimming. However, schedule an inspection right away if branches are getting too close to overhead wires or nearby roofs. Also, consider if high winds might push those branches into nearby features, risking damage.

Additionally, schedule an inspection for potential trimming after strong storms. High winds, heavy rain, sleet, hail, and other inclement weather often risk damage to branches. Trimming them before they snap protects your property and those trees as well!

Springfield Tree Trimming & Removal Service is happy to provide you with this information about tree trimming in Springfield, Missouri. Hopefully, you found it helpful when it comes to your property! If you’re in the market for expert, reliable services, call our Springfield tree care contractors. We provide FREE quotes and guaranteed satisfaction. To get your property started, use our contact form or just give us a call!


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