5 Ways Tree Removal Can Increase the Property Value of Your Home or Business

Published on August 24, 2022

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Planning tree removal, is not always an easy decision. After all, trees offer shade, fresh air, and a welcoming appearance for a property. Also, mature trees often increase property values and help protect lawn and landscaping features from harsh sunlight. Consequently, why would a property owner want to remove those trees?

While it’s often beneficial to have trees on any property, this isn’t always true for every tree! In some cases, tree removal might improve your property’s safety and appearance and reduce the risk of damage. Check out what this means and 5 reasons why tree removal services can potentially increase your property’s value overall.

1. Schedule tree removal for encroaching branches

Encroaching branches, meaning those getting too close to something nearby, risk costly damage! Overgrown branches can pull down power lines or scrape roofing materials, windows, and exterior walls.

However, constantly trimming those branches means facing that expense year after year. On the other hand, tree removal means not risking property damage or having to manage the hassle of constant pruning. Consequently, consider removing a tree if it has bothersome, encroaching branches risking property damage.

completing tree removal for springfield home

2. You need tree removal for overgrown, dangerous roots

Along with branches, tree roots might grow so much that they risk damaging property around them. For instance, those roots might wrap themselves around underground plumbing pipes or a septic tank. Also, they can reach nearby foundation concrete, footings for fences, and other building materials.

As roots grow, they expand and then squeeze around these features. In turn, those roots might crack or otherwise damage pipes, foundations, and anything else in their way! In some cases, a tree services contractor can redirect or trim those roots. If not, tree removal can protect against this damage and protect your property’s values overall.

3. Tree removal can improve the view!

While mature trees offer lots of visual appeal, they can sometimes block your view of the horizon or other features. For instance, trees might cut off your view of a nearby lake, park, hillside, and the like. In turn, removing those trees means a more attractive property overall. Consequently, your property might be more valuable after tree removal than if you leave those trees on your lot.

4. Never leave damaged, decaying, or downright ugly trees on your property

Damaged or decaying trees can detract from your property’s appearance. Also, some trees are just downright unattractive! As an example, sandbox trees grow thorny spikes along their trunk, which make them dangerous and unsightly. While these trees are more common in tropical areas, there are some in the area!

Also, note that some trees produce messy fruit and other droppings. For instance, mulberry fruit is sticky and stains many surfaces and materials. A mulberry tree on your property can mean unsightly marks along your home, garage, fence, and even your lawn! For these reasons, consider removing trees that create an unattractive appearance to your property.

hazardous tree that fell over in springfield mo

5. Too many trees get in the way of property improvements

If you’re thinking of selling your property, consider that buyers might want to make changes to its exterior. These changes might include adding new landscaping, a pool, a garden, and so on. For commercial properties, a new owner might want to expand a parking lot or add traffic lanes.

However, too many trees can get in the way of those plans. Also, they can make it difficult for buyers to appreciate your property’s size. Consequently, having too many trees can lower your property’s value rather than increase it.

On the other hand, clearing out some trees can make a lot seem larger. Additionally, it can allow prospective buyers to visualize those planned improvements. A real estate agent can help you decide what trees to save or keep, to open up your property’s exterior!

What kind of trees increase property value?

Not all trees increase property values, as said. However, many tree species make a yard more inviting and offer other amazing benefits, including shade and moisture retention. Trees also clean the surrounding air and provide a home for beneficial wildlife.

With that in mind, you don’t want to have a property without any trees! First, choose native tree varieties that grow easily in your local climate and survive harsh winters. Second, ensure you choose trees proportionate to your lot overall.

For instance, maple and oak trees grow more readily in the state’s changing seasons and long, cold winters. However, these might grow too large for smaller lots. In those cases, consider dogwood, buckeye, or crabapple trees. Also, ask a tree services contractor for recommendations when it comes to your property.

the owner of the company completing a tree removal project

How much value do trees add to the property?

Some experts state that trees can increase property values by up to 15% or more! That’s an extra $15,000 for every $100,000 in property values. However, remember that this isn’t always true for every property. You don’t want to overwhelm your lot with trees or plant a species that might struggle to thrive.

On the other hand, remember that trees do more than just increase property values. For instance, they provide shade for you, your pets, and your lawn! Without enough shade, delicate grass blades and landscaping features can wither easily.

Also, note that trees help clean surrounding air and give off oxygen. This process helps improve your property’s air quality. Additionally, while overgrown roots might damage buried features, they also help keep moisture in the soil. This also helps keep grass and landscaping features healthy year-round.

Springfield Tree Trimming & Removal Service is happy to provide you with this information about tree removal. Hopefully, you found it helpful and useful for deciding what to do about trees on your property! If you still have questions or know it’s time for pruning and other care, call our Springfield tree services contractors. We offer expert services at prices you can afford! To find out more or to get your property started with needed tree care, call today!

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