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About Our Top-Rated Tree Services

The certified arborists at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service can help you with land clearing in Springfield. However, this isn't the only tree service we provide. Our world-class tree company offers a variety of services which include the following:

  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Shrub removal
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Transplanting 
  • Disease treatment
  • Tree pest control

As arborists, our goal is to preserve the life of trees to help combat the overall climate crisis and ensure that they provide maximum social, environmental, and economic benefits. However, there are times when we must remove trees for some of the same reasons. For example, we remove trees to make way for new homes and roads. Our arborists also have to remove trees when they become a threat to human life or property.

For 20 years, we have provided tree care and removal services in Springfield and the surrounding areas of Republic, Nixa, Ozark, Battlefield, and Willard. Our customers consistently provide us with top ratings for the safety and care we put into our tree services. Do you need tree care services or land clearing in Springfield? Contact us today to schedule an inspection and a FREE quote.

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Our Process For Land Clearing in Springfield

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, vegetation, stumps, roots, and other obstacles off the land for various reasons. The most common reason for land clearing is for building. However, we sometimes have to remove trees for agriculture, recreation, or simply because the land threatens the environment or nearby buildings. We may also have to perform land clearing to remove the possible threat from fires that result from lightning strikes.

We start the process by ensuring that the property owners have the proper clearances to remove trees from the land. Then, our team proceeds with removing trees and other vegetation from the property. After clearing trees, we remove the stumps and roots on the ground. We may also perform grading or excavation services based on the needs of your project. Once we're done, you can proceed with completing your project.

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What We Do With Trees We Remove

As arborists, our first line of business is to preserve trees. The tree experts at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal are dedicated to providing our customers with services that protect and preserve the trees on their land. However, there are times when we must remove trees to make way for progress and industry. Springfield, Missouri, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Missouri. To keep up with this growth, many commercial companies need help from companies like us to perform land clearing in Springfield for building and other projects.

Many of our land clearing projects involve removing a substantial amount of trees. However, our customers can rest assured that we responsibly dispose of these trees. In many cases, we turn the trees into mulch or lumber that is useful in landscaping and building projects. Additionally, we may also turn the trees into logs that are useful for firewood. Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal arborists do their best to keep trees out of landfills and use them in much more productive, beneficial ways.

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Clearing Land to Make Way For Pathways and Landscaping

There comes a time when some homeowners want to make enhancements to their property. These enhancements may include gorgeous new driveways or beautiful landscaping, perfect for entertaining. Unfortunately, if trees, vegetation, or roots are in the way, it makes it difficult for concrete contractors to install these hardscapes. Therefore, we must clear all these obstacles so that they can proceed with making your property beautiful.

Our skilled arborists know that time is critical when it comes to land makeover projects. Therefore, we work fast and efficiently to clear the land. Depending on the project's scope, we can remove trees, shrubs, or other obstacles from your land in as little as a few hours up to a few days.

Do you want to know how long your land clearing project will take? Then, contact us today to schedule an inspection, and we will get to work creating your time and cost estimate for land clearing in Springfield.



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The Importance of Tree Care in Springfield

The expert arborists at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service work quickly and efficiently to remove trees from your property for your building or agricultural projects. However, this is not our only tree service. Our top priority is to preserve trees. Therefore, we provide many tree care services such as trimming, pruning, cabling and bracing, and tree disease treatment. In addition, trees help balance the environment and provide us with essential oxygen and shade. This is why we must protect them. However, there are times when trees are a threat, and we must remove them. That's why we also over emergency tree care removal. For more info on any of our tree care or removal services, call today!

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