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Our certified arborists perform tree services in Springfield so well that we make it look effortless and easy. However, this doesn't mean you should trust your tree services to just anyone, especially amateurs. Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service has provided tree services in Springfield and the surrounding community for 20 years. We excel at tree services, and our customers consistently provide us with top-rated rankings. Our tree removal company aims to protect our clients and their valuables, so we take extra care when tending to or removing your trees and shrubs.

Are you looking for a tree service company in Springfield with a stellar reputation in the industry? Contact one of our tree experts today for your free inspection.

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Our Above & Beyond Tree Services in Springfield

Our Stellar Tree Removal Services in Springfield

One of the most common reasons customers contact us is for tree removal in Springfield. Did you know that you can minimize the possibility of trees falling and potentially harming you or damaging your property if you establish regular tree inspections? Our team of expert arborists specializes in variety of tree services, including tree trimming, pruning, disease treatment, and pest control. These services ensure healthy trees so that you don’t have to live in fear of trees or branches falling on your home or car. 

When you need to utilize our tree removal services, one of our skilled arborists can provide you with a free quote. Give our tree removal company a call today!

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An arborist preparing to remove a tree in Springfield, MO
A certified tree professional cutting down a tree in Springfiield, MO

Have Your Tree Cutting Completed By A Certified Arborist

Although you may be tempted to let the neighbor complete tree cutting and remove branches from your tree, if the person isn’t a skilled, certified arborist, don’t do it! The arborists at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Services make tree cutting seem easy. However, this seemingly effortless execution of our trade is a result of many years of skill. We don’t just cut trees, but we also take precautions to keep ourselves, our customers, and customers’ property and valuables safe in the process.

Don’t trust the work of amateurs! Contact one of our highly skilled arborists for a free inspection and an estimate for your tree cutting services in Springfield.

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Consider Tree Root Removal in Springfield if Your Trees’ Roots Are Showing

Why are the tree roots in your yard showing versus growing downward into the ground as they should? The most typical reason this happens is that soil erosion is making tree roots visible. Some homeowners tend to remedy the problem by putting soil over the exposed roots, but this is very harmful to the tree. This may block the tree’s oxygen supply and could cause it to start to die. This spells big problems long-term because a dying tree could fall over on your home or property during a storm. Simple solution? Tree root removal in Springfield.

Instead of seeking DIY solutions to exposed tree roots, contact one of the professionals at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service for your free quote on tree root removal.

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Tree root removal in Springfield, MO
An arborist removing tree limbs and branches in Springfield, MO

Essential Limb & Branch Removal Services in Springfield

Limbs and branches are typically safe, but if your tree is decaying or diseased, limbs and branches can become destructive or even deadly, especially during a storm. You don’t have to wait until something detrimental happens with your tree to have one of our arborists remove tree limbs and branches. Our highly skilled tree professionals can visit your home, inspect the trees, and determine if the limbs and branches need to be removed.

Contact one of our arborists today for a free inspection and estimate on your Springfield limb and branch removal services.

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Don't Be Stumped, Get Stump Removal!

Stump removal in Springfield is not always a homeowner's primary concern. Some homeowners put the stumps in their yard to good use. They use them as additional seating during family gatherings or place decorations there for holidays. However, we recommend that you get rid of the tree stumps on your property. Not only are they a liability because they can be a trip hazard, but they also attract pests and critters that could get into your home or become an additional issue. Although stumps may seem harmless, they can create a recurring pest control problem that will be more costly than getting rid of it.

Are you ready for tree stump removal in Springfield? Contact one of our tree professionals today for your free estimate.

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An arborist trimming shrubs in Springfield, MO

Free Up Yard Space with Springfield Shrub Removal

You've probably heard that shrubs can add to the curb appeal of your home. Yet, if your shrubs are diseased or dying, you're better off with shrub removal for your Springfield home. Besides this, unhealthy shrubs can attract bugs and pests that can eventually end up in your home. We provide trimming and pruning services for shrubs, but if we can't salvage your shrub, we recommend removing it. Getting rid of decaying shrubs will not only improve the beauty of your yard, but it will also add lots of space that you never knew you had.

Are you ready to remove that unsightly shrub from your property? Contact one of our arborists for a free quote today.

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Why You Need Commercial Tree Services in Springfield

Did you know that your business could be held responsible for damages to a client's valuables or persons from trees on your property? This is why you should ensure that the trees on your property are healthy. We provide commercial tree care services, which include tree trimming and pruning. Our tree care company also checks the health of a tree, making sure there is no decay or termites present that could compromise the tree's structure and cause it to fall. Commercial tree services are essential to making potential customers feel welcome in your Springfield business location.

Contact one of our tree professionals today to get your free estimate for commercial tree service in Springfield!

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Commercial arborists removing trees in Springfield, MO


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Our Extensive Springfield Service Areas

Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service has served the Missouri areas of Springfield, Republic, Nixa, Ozark, Battlefield, and Willard, Missouri for 20 years. We provide tree care, land clearing, and tree removal services to residential and commercial customers. Do you live in or around Springfield and need tree services? Contact one of our arborists for a free estimate.

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Our Springfield arborists are ready to provide you with the quality tree services you need, whether you're interested in tree care or tree removal. Call us at (217) 302-9494
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