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If you need tree root removal in Springfield, the expert arborists at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal are ready to help! For over 20 years, we have helped residential and commercial customers in Springfield and surrounding communities with tree care and removal services. These services include pruning, trimming, cabling, bracing, planting, disease treatment, and more. We also provide land clearing services to make way for building projects. For our superb skill and attention to detail, we consistently receive top ratings. 

If you want us to remove those pesky tree roots from your yard safely, call to schedule an appointment and get a FREE quote on root removal in Springfield.

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Why Opt for Tree Root Removal?

Have you recently mowed your lawn, and your mower nicked something protruding from the ground? It was probably an exposed tree root. As your tree ages and its roots spread out, it may sometimes become exposed. This is especially possible if the roots grow in shallow soil. Occasionally, only small portions of the roots are exposed, while other times, there may be a massive mess of tree roots exposed.

One of the benefits of removing large tree roots is to keep them from becoming a trip hazard in your yard, especially for children. Additionally, it is vital to get tree root removal because it keeps your yard looking beautiful. A messy mass of tangled tree roots can be an eyesore.

Another reason to consider getting root removal is that it keeps you from ruining your lawnmowers. Unfortunately, not all roots are visible. Sometimes they may mix with patches of grass. So, you may overlook the root as you are mowing and accidentally mow it along with the grass. This not only damages your lawnmower but could cause structural damage to the tree, making it susceptible to collapse if fungi enter the point where the tree root gets nicked.

We can help you get your root problem under control. So, contact us today for a FREE quote on tree root removal in Springfield.

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Keep Pests and Fungi At Bay With Tree Root Removal in Springfield

Exposed tree roots aren't only attached to live trees. Sometimes tree roots may connect to tree stumps. While some people believe that tree stumps are safe, they aren't as harmless as you think. For one thing, stumps, especially those with exposed tree roots, can be a trip hazard on your property. In addition, small children and even adults can fall by not realizing that the protruding stump is in your yard.

Another reason stumps and tree roots are dangerous is that they become the source of growing fungi. While some of the fungi that grow may be harmless, some could be hazardous to small pets, causing them to get sick if it is ingested. Additionally, small children could ingest or get close contact with harmful fungi, which could make them ill or cause rashes.

Still, another reason stumps and tree roots are dangerous is that they can encourage pest infestation. Some of the most destructive pests, including termites and carpenter ants, are attracted to tree stumps. Unfortunately, this infestation could spread to your house, causing an expensive pest problem without cutting tree roots in your lawn.

Don't let your tree stump and roots become a hazard. Instead, contact us today for a FREE estimate on tree root removal in Springfield.

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Why Tree Root Removal is Not a DIY Task

Some homeowners see exposed tree roots and get the impression that they can fix the problem. Either they start cutting away the roots or bury them to keep them from being an eyesore. Unfortunately, both DIY methods could lead to dire consequences for your tree.

Cutting tree roots is one of the worst things you can do. If you are not a trained arborist, cutting any part of a tree is dangerous. This could kill parts of the tree and make it unstable. During a storm or high winds, the tree could collapse after becoming unstable, leaving your property and loved ones in danger.

Burying roots is just as bad. Roots are a living part of a tree. So they need proper aeration to continue to thrive. Throwing a mound of dirt on them to cover them up could kill the roots and cause the tree to become structurally unsound.

Instead of trying to turn your tree root problem into a weekend DIY project, call on the experts at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a FREE quote on this service or any of our other 5-star tree services.



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Our Other Tree Services in Springfield

Although tree root removal in Springfield is one of our specialties, this isn't the only tree service we provide. We help with many tree care services, including pruning, trimming, shrub care, planting, and transplanting. Additionally, we provide tree removal, stump removal, shrub removal, and land clearing services. Contact us today for more information about how we can help with your trees.

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