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Tree Disease Treatment Springfield - Save Your Tree!

Is the deciduous tree on your property not changing colors in the fall or growing fresh green leaves back in the spring? As a result of this lack of activity, you may come to the conclusion that your tree is dead. However, your tree may be dormant or dying because it is filled with so many diseases or pests that are causing it not to grow and thrive. You may need disease treatment in Springfield for your trees to bring them back to life. But how do you know if you need this treatment or not?

For over 20 years, our arborists have successfully inspected and treated many trees throughout Missouri. We are trained to recognize signs of tree infections and pest infestations. 

In most cases, we are successful at treating pest infestations and diseases with our disease treatments and pest control. However, there are times when our treatments won't be enough. This is because there are some diseases that are left uncontrolled that may destroy the structure of the tree. 

In such instances, we suggest that you get our tree removal services to avoid your tree collapsing or causing issues on your property.

If you're worried about the general health of the tree on your property, call our arborists to schedule an inspection and get a free quote on our tree disease treatment.

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Why Choose Disease Treatment Services

When a tree is damaged, the best option seems to be to cut it down. However, since trees are such a vital part of the environment, we try to recommend removal as a last resort.  Also, because trees are such a valuable part of your property, we are reluctant to cut them down because homeowners lose a significant amount of value when we do. Typically, when a tree problem is correctable, we recommend that our customers get disease treatment services. Here's why.

  • Disease treatment gets to the heart of the problem and eliminates it in most cases
  • It is a much more cost-effective solution 
  • Disease treatment may preserve the life of the tree for many years to come
  • It is an option that protects the tree and surrounding areas of the yard
  • It doesn’t make sense to remove trees that are only partially diseased

As tree care experts, we always want to do what's best for the tree. If the tree poses a threat to your property or your life, we will most certainly remove it. However, if your tree is relatively healthy but just suffering from a disease, we will use our treatments to restore it back to health.

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How Pest Control Saves Trees

Just like people, trees can get sick, too. But usually, trees get sick due to diseases that invade their root systems or leaves. Or trees may get sick from another common problem: pests. Various types of trees may attract different types of pests. These pests may include borers, carpenter ants, bark beetles, aphids, and gypsy moths.

In some cases, we are able to stamp out the infestation before it structurally destroys the tree. However, there are other times when the infestation is too far gone, or the type of infestation is untreatable. In these instances, we will recommend that you get tree removal in order to avoid the spread of pests to other parts of your yard or to the interior of your home.

With pest control and sick tree treatment, time is of the essence. Therefore, if you notice small colonies of pests developing on your tree, it is a good idea to receive an expert opinion.

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Our Tree Injections Help Trees Last Longer

Think of our tree injections as if they are medicine for your tree. Whether we are injecting pesticides or fungicides into your tree, they are designed to help eliminate problems in your tree in order to restore it to help. 

Our tree injections in Springfield help treat diseases such as black knot, Dutch elm disease, powdery mildew, and a few other common diseases that arise and your trees. They also are used to treat infestations.

After a few treatments, you will start to see your tree leaves return back to its healthy state. And the bark will start to look healthier. If it is a deciduous tree, your trees will change in color during the seasons.


Avoid Tree Collapse By Getting Our Treatment Services

It's not visible to an untrained eye, but the disease and infestation within your tree could run deeply within the roots, the trunk, or the canopy of the tree. This could leave your tree susceptible to collapse. Not all infestations are detectable. You may notice that your tree is not what it used to be, but you may not know that beneath the surface, disease or pests or destroying it.

This is why it is important to call out the experts to inspect your tree to determine the best option.  If we can treat the tree with our disease treatment plans, we will preserve it by any means. However, if we discover that infections have destroyed the structural soundness of your tree, we will recommend removal.

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