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Did You Know We Provide Tree Pest Control In Springfield?

Have you noticed that your trees and shrubs don't seem as healthy as they used to? This could be because your trees are suffering from a pest infestation. Before you call a local pest control company, contact us about tree pest control in Springfield. 

Some major culprits that may be feasting on your trees and shrubs are borers or gypsy moths. But whatever infestation is harming your trees, we may be able to help. Sometimes, your tree infestation may be caused by a tree disease. We can also treat tree diseases. 

Call today to schedule an inspection, and we'll work quickly, providing your trees with the proper disease treatment. 

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Why You Probably Need Tree Pest Control

If your tree hasn't been blooming for quite some time and it looks like it is dying, this doesn't mean that we will have to perform tree removal services. Sometimes your problem is much simpler than you think. A small colony of pests may have invaded your tree and are feeding on vital nutrients that help keep your tree blooming. Once we get to the heart of the problem and eliminate it, your tree may return to its normal growth cycle.

Before we make the decision to remove your tree, we determine if the problem is fixable. In some cases, the infestation may be too far gone to save the tree. But in other cases, we may be able to protect your tree and allow it to continue to provide value on your property. 

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Damaged Branches Can Invite Insects In

Having branches falling out of the sky like torpedoes can be a scary experience. Not only could these falling branches damage your property, but they could also cause injury to you or your guests. So, as tree experts, we want to diagnose what's causing your branches to fall and fix it immediately.

In some cases, simple tree pruning will do the trick. We will eliminate excess limbs and branches that are causing overgrowth in the canopy of your trees. However, in other cases, your tree may suffer from an infestation caused by pests. Our tree disease treatment plan will help eliminate these annoying critters and stop your tree from falling apart. 

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Your One-Stop For Tree Care Needs

The trees on your property are very valuable. Not only do they help regulate temperatures, but they can be a great addition to your curb appeal. This is why we take pride in taking care of the trees throughout Missouri.

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you can count on us to assist you with your tree care and removal needs. We quickly assess the trees on your property and determine the best course of action. Springfield Tree Trimming & Removal Service also provides quick, written quotes on your service.



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We Provide More Than Tree Pest Control

If your trees are suffering from a pest infestation, know that we are only a phone call away. Also, know that this isn't all we can do for you. As a full-service tree company, we can provide you with a variety of tree services including trimming and pruning, shrub care, tree removal, stump removal, tree planting, and other additional services. We also cater to both residential and commercial customers. Also, if you are dealing with a tree emergency, we provide emergency tree removal, on-call, seven days a week. 

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Go Out on a Limb & Trust Our Industry-Leading Tree Service Company!

Our Springfield arborists are ready to provide you with the quality tree services you need, whether you're interested in tree care or tree removal. Call us at (217) 302-9494
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