Tree Planting in Springfield to Improve Your Curb Appeal

How Tree Planting in Springfield Improves Your Curb Appeal

Do you have one of the most beautiful lawns on the block, but there seems to be something missing? You may need a tree in your landscape to improve your curb appeal.  A gorgeous, well-pruned tree can add so much more to your landscape than flowers and grass. Here are some ways that tree planting in Springfield can make your landscape look even better.

  • Trees add more greenery
  • They can also add more color and excitement throughout the year if your tree is deciduous
  • Healthy trees keep bad insects away
  • They add visual interest to the overall landscape

Are you ready to make your home even more beautiful by improving your landscape? Call us today to learn more about our tree planting service and get a FREE estimate. 

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Miss Your Favorite Tree? Replace it With Tree Planting in Springfield

Missouri is notorious for bad storms. A storm that could start off as a simple rainstorm can quickly become a severe thunderstorm, complete with tornadoes causing destruction at every turn. Even if a storm doesn't have tornadoes, high winds can cause plenty of damage to trees in the local area. 

If you are a resident in Springfield or nearby who has lost trees on your property due to a storm, you don't have to live out the rest of your days without your favorite tree.  If you miss your favorite oak or dogwood that blew down in a storm, we can provide you with a new one. 

Don't continue to stare out your window at an empty space in your yard! Call us for tree care today, and we can recommend a low-maintenance tree option for your lawn. 

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Add Value to Your Property by Planting Trees

Whether you are replacing a tree or planting a tree for the first time on your property, trees can add value to your property. They can increase the value of your home between 3 and 15 percent, according to But improving the value of your property isn't all that trees can do. Here are some other reasons you should plant trees on your property. 

  • Trees on your property can help reduce energy bills
  • They provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy leisurely activities
  • Trees improve the overall landscape of a property
  • They help improve the oxygen in the environment
  • Trees help prevent erosion 
  • They help cool the environment and prevent urban heat islands

There are many reasons why you should add trees to your landscape. Not only will you improve your own property, but you will do much to improve the overall environment.  Let us plant a tree for you today! 

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Want Tree Service Done Right? Call Us Today!

For over 20 years, we have provided outstanding tree care and removal services in and around Springfield for residential and commercial customers. Not only are we tree custodians, but we also remove trees to protect our customers and to make way for growth and development. Whatever reason you need tree services, you can put your trust in the experts at Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service. Our arborists are certified and insured, providing safe and state-of-the-art tree care services. Here are some of our spectacular tree services.  

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Shrub trimming
  • Tree shaping
  • Disease treatment
  • Tree pest control
  • Tree and shrub removal
  • Emergency services 24 hours, 7 days a week

Let us become your tree care partner in Springfield. Call today to learn more about how our services can help improve your landscape and get a FREE estimate on one of our world-class tree services. Also, don't forget to check out our tree service blog



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Other Essential Trees Services in Springfield

Tree planting is a very essential service. However, we offer plenty of other essential tree services to keep your landscape looking green and healthy. Services we provide include pruning, shaping, tree disease treatment, limb & branch removal , and stump removal. We also offer emergency tree removal services around the clock to those who have experienced a tree emergency from a storm or pest infestations. Call today to explore your options.

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Go Out on a Limb & Trust Our Industry-Leading Tree Service Company!

Our Springfield arborists are ready to provide you with the quality tree services you need, whether you're interested in tree care or tree removal. Call us at (217) 302-9494
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