Meticulous Tree Pruning in Springfield Improves Tree Health

Tree Pruning Springfield - Make Your Yard Healthy! 

As you work on getting your yard ready for the growing season, it may be tempting to only focus on plants and grass on your property. While these areas of your lawn need plenty of attention, we encourage customers to also focus on making their yard beautiful with tree pruning in Springfield.

Trees are a naturally beautiful and valuable part of your landscape. However, too much growth in the canopy can make it look as if your tree is crowded. Not only this, but branches also that aren't pruned on your tree could cause a hazard on your property. This includes damaging roof shingles, breaking glass windows, and even causing injury.

Don’t let unruly tree branches overshadow the beauty of your yard! Call today, and one of our arborists will be happy to schedule an inspection and get you a free estimate on pruning in Springfield.

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Why You Need Tree Pruning in Springfield

Many homeowners think that tree pruning is only necessary to improve curb appeal and make their yards beautiful. While this is a significant reason to prune trees in Springfield, it is also imperative to get tree pruning for other reasons. Here are some more significant reasons you should get tree pruning in Springfield. 

  • Regular pruning will prevent structural problems with your tree in the future.
  • Getting pruning will keep pests and diseases at bay. 
  • With pruning, an arborist can train branches to grow away from power lines and other hazards.
  • Opening up space in the canopy allows greater visibility.
  • Proper pruning may prevent lawn disease by allowing more sunshine in your yard. 

As you can see, pruning is not just for aesthetic reasons. It protects the structural integrity of the tree and may keep you and your valuables safe. 

Don’t wait until your tree starts causing costly problems to get tree pruning. Instead, call today to schedule one of our top-rated tree health and removal services. We offer free estimates!

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Prune Your Trees Now To Keep Your Property Safe and Yard Healthy

Did you know that pruning your trees isn’t just a way to improve your curb appeal? While this is an important reason for you to get the trees on your property pruned, it isn’t the only significant reason.

Another really important reason for you to prune your trees is to keep your property safe. As trees grow, if they aren’t properly pruned, branches and limbs can get weak and start to fall onto your property or your neighbor’s property, causing significant damage. Falling limbs may cause damage to your roof or car. They can also cause injury to guests on your property. Additionally, overgrowth of branches and limbs may cause your tree to become structurally unsafe. As a result, your tree could collapse during high winds, a rainstorm, or some other weather-related activity.

Besides safety issues, pruning tree branches can also be a way of keeping all the vegetation on your property healthy and promote growth. Diseases and pests can invade your tree and also spread into other areas of your yard. Wood-destroying pests can even invade your home, creating a very costly infestation. Regular pruning can minimize or eliminate such problems, keeping your yard beautiful and healthy.

Let us ensure the safety and health of your tree starting today! Call to schedule an appointment. Our arborists always do a fantastic job.

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Our Trusted Experts Are Ready To Help With Your Tree Services

If you are looking for a highly qualified team of arborists that are certified and insured to handle all your tree issues, look no further than Springfield Tree Trimming and Removal Service. For over 20 years, we have served residents and businesses in Springfield and the surrounding areas. We use advanced techniques to ensure our safety and the protection of your property. Our team is dedicated to staying knowledgeable about the best practices in tree care and removal, and we offer only our best to our customers.

Are you ready to work with Springfield’s most trusted locally owned company? Call today to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate today on tree maintenance. Also, keep an eye on our tree blog to learn more about our tree care and removal services.



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Tree pruning in Springfield is a popular tree service. But this isn’t the only popular service we offer. If you need tree removal, we offer regular and emergency tree removal services. Our experts work around the clock to solve your tree emergency with tree cabling and bracing to restore your comfort. If you are a local business, we also provide commercial tree and plant health care. This includes general tree care such as shrub trimming and land clearing to make way for business development. No matter how big or small your tree issue, we can help! Call our experts for a free estimate on tree removals, stump grinding, or any tree service you need.

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