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Opt for Tree Transplanting in Springfield

Trees are a precious part of your landscape. Removing perfectly healthy trees to make improvements or changes to your yard can lessen the value of your property. Instead of removing a tree, you should consider getting tree transplanting in Springfield.

Another problem that could arise on your property with trees is that they may grow into power lines. To avoid this problem, you may need excessive trimming and pruning. If you want to minimize trimming and pruning and avoid this hazard, move your tree to another area of your property.

Don't let your trees continue to damage your property! Call today to learn more about and get an estimate on moving trees on your property to a better location.

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Why Choose to Transplant Your Tree

Is there a tree on your property that needs removal from a specific area of your property, but you don't want to get rid of it entirely? Then, consider tree transplanting instead of tree removal. There are many benefits to transplanting a tree on your property. Check out these reasons why you should get tree transplanting.

Tree transplanting moves a tree elsewhere on your property for more space to thrive.
It helps keep your tree from destroying your home or other parts of your property.
Tree transplanting keeps your tree from getting entangled in power lines.
It is a permanent solution to keeping limbs from blocking solar panels, satellite dishes, and more.
Transplanting a tree keeps the value of your landscaping intact.
It can make your property look less cluttered.

There are so many reasons you should consider replanting your trees elsewhere on your property. We can help you determine whether this is a viable and cost-effective solution for you. In the meantime, check out our tree blog to learn more about critical tree care and removal topics.

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Move Your Overgrown Tree to a New Location Now

Studies show that homes with trees on their property add 3.5 to 15 percent value. So, if you have an unruly tree on your property causing damage or consistently getting diseased, you should move it. Transplanting a tree is often a better option than removal, especially if the tree is in good condition.

Why would you transplant a tree? For starters, your tree could be causing damage or creating a hazard on your property. For instance, if your tree is near power lines, the limbs may interfere with them, creating a dangerous situation on your property. Additionally, your tree could be growing into your roof, which could cause damage.

Another reason you may want to transplant a tree is for the tree's safety and growth. If a tree has outgrown the area it is in, it may start to die due to a lack of nutrients. Transplanting it will put it in a place where it will have optimal room to grow and thrive.

Instead of removing your healthy tree from your property, consider getting tree transplanting in Springfield.

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Let Us Be Your Tree Experts!

Trees are a critical part of your yard and the environment. This is why we have devoted ourselves to ensuring the health and safety of trees around Springfield.

For over 20 years, our locally owned and operated tree company has nurtured and protected trees locally. Our arborists are highly skilled in the best practices for tree care. We also use the safest measures to keep ourselves and your property safe.

We offer a wide variety of tree services, including trimming and pruning. In addition to these services, we also offer root and stump removal and tree removal. We also provide residential and commercial services.



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Our Other Special Tree Services to Consider

Tree transplanting in Springfield is one of our popular services. However, there are also other unique tree services that we provide. For instance, you may want to consider our tree-shaping service to improve your yard's aesthetics and enhance your curb appeal. With this service, we sculpt your trees in eye-catching shapes, making your landscape beautiful and controlling unruly trees. Another unique service we provide is cabling and bracing. With this service, we strengthen the canopy or trunk of your tree with cables or braces instead of removing your tree. Over time, your tree will become stronger and healthier.

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